Enke Cäcilie Jansson was born on January 15, 1968 in Eutin, Germany.

Following vocational high school, she studied graphic design from 1986 to 1990 at the ALSTERDAMM School of Visual Arts in Hamburg and the Werkkunstschule Lübeck and earned a Diplom degree. Her academic education was accompanied by stage design internships at the Bühnen Lübeck, the Thalia Theater Hamburg, and the Covent Garden Opera London.

Enke Cäcilie has 15 years professional experience in advertising agencies, companies, and institutions. In 2015 she founded her own design, editing, and marketing agency in the fields of culture, architecture, lifestyle, and interior. At the same time, she has regular exhibits throughout Germany as a freelance artist.

Since 2012 she has dedicated all her energy to being a freelance artist. In addition to portraits of famous personalities, whose fame makes it possible to recognize the likeness and the different degree of interpretation by color, Enke Cäcilie paints portraits of private individuals for her international clients, which of course are not shown publicly.

The sovereignty in the depiction of persons, movements, and situations gave her the freedom to create a powerful characteristic pallet knife style, which is magnified by the expressive color pallets she uses. Always borne by a curious love for the stories that a face can tell. Optimistic and courageous, sometimes defiant through captured authenticity.

As a dedicated animal lover, her repertoire also includes dynamic paintings of horses and dogs.

Enke Cäcilie exhibits her art in international galleries and at curated art shows in Germany, Italy, France, and Luxembourg


copyright Foto - Saskia Nathalie Betz